A Place for Grace Kitty Rescue is a small local 501(c)3 non-profit located in Northern Vermont.

A bit about why I am interested in rescuing little four legged’s that purr.  I had worked for the past 24 years at a local mental health agency in Burlington Vermont.

I began rescuing cats and kittens through clients. I  worked with families that could no longer care for their pet. During this I realized it was a passion of mine to rescue abandon, abused and neglected cats and kittens in my local community. At the time our local Humane Society had been closed. Through this I took the opportunity to expand what I was doing by applying for a 501 (c)3 non-profit status which allowed me to write grants to get financial support to provide medical needs, spay/neuter, housing as well as nutrition to these fur babies.

We rescue abandoned, neglected and abused cats and kittens.  This can require trapping or digging through a dumpster to rescue these fur babies.  We receive many of our fur babies through Animal Control Officers, Burlington Emergency Veterinary Services, Police, local veterinarians, local farms and community members.

Mission Statement:

We are committed to improving the quality of life for every cat and kitten in our care by providing a safe, nurturing home environment for abused, abandon and neglected kitties.

Here are just a few of our accomplishments for 2022.

  • We provided food to community members who struggle to feed their pet.
  • We assisted community members with spay/neuter services as well as age-appropriate vaccinations.
  • We collaborated with local veterinarians.
  • We have provided cats or kittens free of charge to Veterans and children with special needs.
  • We have worked closely with Cornell University to provide the best care for some of our more medically challenged cats and kittens.2

Our expense report for 2022 so far are:

  • Medical expenses: $8,663, Spay and neutering: $19,150.
  • Medication: $3,885 Kitten formula and litter: $6.908.

2023 isn’t over yet however our medical bills have been very high, for many kittens with significant eye infections and needing eye removals, a cat that had 30 bladder stones that needed emergency surgery to remove them, a kitten caught in a trap and needing a partial leg amputation, just to provide a few examples of costs this year.

We survive by fund raising events, donations and applying for grants.

Volunteers Make a Difference

In July of 2018, I was approached by some very caring individuals who were interested in helping me carry out my dream to protect and care for abandon/neglected/abused kitties. They have dedicated themselves to A Place for Grace Kitty Rescue (APFGKR) and are donating all of their time so that all financial contributions go totally into kitty care. These volunteers have opened their homes to foster and care for these needy fur babies. During busy times we have over twelve foster families caring for kitties. 

Deb Navari, Diane Weishaar,  Paula McCormick and Christine Corbeil are four very dedicated people, I am so pleased to know and work with them. They make us a fabulous team.