Why I need some help

A Place for Grace Kitty Rescue is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit.

There are two ways to support A Place for Grace Kitty Rescue.

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A Place for Grace Kitty Rescue
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Luke at 4 weeks old

I have paid out of my own pocket many vet bills, bought food, litter, flea treatments and sometimes covered the cost of spaying/neutering for all of the kitties I have rescued.  They did not go without and all were well cared for.

On occasion I received a discount from the Petit Brook Veterinary Clinic to help defray costs, but Luke’s mothers vet bill was over $2,000.

In the past five years I have spent over $8,000 to care for these babies and now I am needing help to continue my mission of providing a safe place for abused, abandon or at risk kitties.

The Humane Society of Chittenden County has a waiting list and Franklin County is currently without a Humane Society.  There is no place for these cats and kittens so I have begun a non-profit rescue and I am looking for donations to help with the expenses to care for these abused and neglected kitties.

My goal is to research grants that may be available to help support my mission as well.

Any amount you can donate will help.

I have many more success stories and heart-warming tales from families who have rescued from me at no cost.

We support Deb and her Mission

We cannot fully express our gratitude to you for bringing Maddie and Lenore into our lives. Thank you for  the compassion and generosity you share with beautiful vulnerable creatures when they needed it most. ~ Jess, Eric, Poe and Annabel L.

I adopted 2 rescue kittens from Deb several years ago. I was impressed by the way she had adapted her home to accommodate multiple cats in need, in addition to her own pets. All cats had a safe space, food, toys, stimulation and vet care for basic health needs. Many rescues needed worming, flea treatment, improved nutrition and sometimes care for unusual serious health issues. Deb saw to all of these needs at her own expense, and has been successful re-homing many cats through a network of cat lovers she has developed. My two kitties were healthy and have thrived, thanks to Deb’s care and concern. She sent them home with food, toys, progress reports and directions for new owners. I can speak very highly of Deb’s knowledge and passion for this breed and all cats’ welfare. She is exceptional. ~ Robin Y

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Deb and her way with felines. I adopted a six month old kitten from Deb last September. The kitten came with no fleas, wonderfully socialized and box trained.

Patti Paws came into our home and was instantly part of the family. Thanks to Deb going above and beyond with Patti’s socialization. Patti was settled in within a few minutes and you would have thought she’s been there her entire life. When Patti came home I was six months pregnant with my son. Patti and my son have been inseparable since the day we brought him home from the hospital. I could not ask for a better cat for my son to grow up with.

If I ever decide to get another cat or kitten, the only place I would get one is from Deb. Deb goes above and beyond with all of her cats love and care. It’s wonderful how she makes sure that the cats go to wonderful loving homes.