Meet Grace 

This story is about Grace who the Non -Profit is named after:

Grace came to me with her two siblings when they were two days old, her mother had been killed by the dog next door. I contacted the local Humane Society who told me they had an 8-10 week wait list and could not help me. I spoke with my veterinarian who cares for my kitties, Dr. Millie Armstrong from Petit Brook Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Millie told me to get some Kitten Milk Replacement (KMR) and a kitten baby bottle. They needed to be fed every two hours and kept warm. Ten days past and Grace was the only survivor.  The two hour feedings were taking a toll on me, I was exhausted.

A colleague named Diane offered to feed Grace while I was out in the field with clients and then she offered to take Grace home a few nights a week to care and feed her.  The two of us took turns doing the night shift feedings.  We would fill a Camelbak water bottle with boiling water and wrap it in a soft blanket. It was the only thing we could find that would hold the heat for Grace to stay warm between her feedings since she had no siblings to snuggly with.

Grace traveled back and forth between home and work in her special crate so she could be fed and cared for. My colleagues would look forward to seeing Grace and took turns feeding and holding her. I was told by peers that seeing and holding Grace helped lower their blood pressure and stress level associated with the job.

Grace ended up getting a skin infection and she lost all of her fur. I had to bath her in a special medicated soap twice a day for a week. She began putting on weight and over time her fur grew back.

I chose to name the non profit after Grace.  Grace hold a special place in my heart, she was a fighter against all odds and she persevered no matter what she was given to over come. She met each challenge with grace and a gentle purr. She learned to trust again through the love she was given and the determination of she and her care givers.

Grace taught me to have faith, to believe in the impossible and that love would help us make it through. Grace taught me to appreciate the little things in life and to be graceful about it. I love Gracie and thank her for the lessons I learned from her.

Grace found her forever home with Diane and is now a beautiful four year old Norwegian Forest Kitty.